Purchase Committee

The Library has an active Library Purchase Committee (LPC) which meets 3-4 times in a year to make all decisions concerning the purchase of library resources. The Committee works hard in best utilizing the funds available for Library resources.

Past LPC meetings


  • 37th meeting/ 14th September, 2023
    • 3rd LPC Sub-Committee meeting/ 28h December, 2023
    • 2nd LPC Sub-Committee meeting/ 18h December, 2023
    • 1st LPC Sub-Committee meeting/ 6th Ocober, 2023


  • 36th meeting/ 28th March, 2023
    • LPC Sub-Committee meeting/ 22nd Feb. 2023
  • 35th meeting/ 7th February, 2023
    • 3rd LPC Sub-Committee meeting/ 22nd December, 2022
    • 2nd LPC Sub-Committee meeting/ 9th December, 2022
    • 1st LPC Sub-Committee meeting/ 29th November, 2022
  • 34th meeting/ 14th November. 2022
    • LPC Sub-Committee meeting/ 10th October, 2022
  • 33rd meeting/ 20th September, 2022


  • 32nd meeting/ 21st June, 2022
  • 31st meeting/ 21st December, 2021


  • 30th meeting/ 25th March, 2021
  • 29th meeting/ 15th February, 2021
  • 28th meeting/ 9th October, 2020
  • 27th meeting/ 3rd July, 2020
  • 26th meeting/ 22nd April, 2020


  • 25th meeting/ 16th March, 2020
  • 24th meeting/ 4th March, 2020
  • 23rd meeting/ 19th February, 2020
  • 22nd meeting/ 6th January, 2020

Library Purchase Committee 

  1. Chairperson: Prof. Sarika Sharma, Dean, School of Education & Director, IQAC
  2. Convener: Dr. Santosh C. Hulagabali, University Librarian

LPC Members

  1. Prof. Neelam Sangwan, Dean Research & Dean, School of Inter-disciplinary and Applied Sciences
  2. Prof. Sanjiv Kumar, Dean Academic & Head, Department of English and Foreign Languages
  3. Prof. Pawan Kumar Maurya, Dean, School of Lifelong Learning and Head, Department of Biochemistry
  4. Prof. Vikas Kumar, Finance Officer
  5. Prof. Ajay Kumar Bansal, Department of Electrical Engineering
  6. Prof. Ranjan Aneja, Head, Department of Economics
  7. Prof. Bir Pal Singh Yadav, Head, Department of Hindi
  8. Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  9. Dr. Rajeev Vashistha, Deputy Librarian
  10. Dr. Pardeep Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Law
  11. Dr. Divya, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies
  12. Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astrophysics
  13. Dr. Swati Chaudhary, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education and Sports
  14. Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh, Assistant Librarian, Central Library
  15. Mr. Naresh Kumar, Assistant Librarian, SOET Library

FYI: Role of LPC

  • Acts as the main body to takes care of all purchase related matter concerning the Library resources;
  • Contributes ideas, plans and solutions for procuring the right resources through GeM, publishers, empanelled vendors and relevant modes of procurement;
  • Prepares tender/ EoI and all purchase related policy documents in close consultation with the University and Library administration;
  • Plans for effective utilization of the allocated funds;
  • Carries out all miscellaneous purchase concerned matter.

Note: Procurement of Library resources depends on: recommendations library resources by the HoD of concerned Department; allocated funds to Library; availability of Library funds; resolution of Library Purchase Committee to procure; administrative/ financial approval of the competent authority.