Publishing Services

Our Library team provides publishing services to our users wherein we assist them to choose the right journal, following a systematic checklist, understand the author guidelines, copyright issues, article processing charges, delay in publishing, authorship ordering, citation standards, plagiarism issues, and many more. So, we do assist you in training/ guiding or providing any kind of assistance on the following topics/ areas: 

  • strategic publishing
  • open access publishing
  • article processing charge (APC)/ checking APCs of different publishers
  • negotiating APCs
  • open access policies of different publishers
  • copyright/ open licences 
  • author undertakings
  • publishing research data
  • referencing/ citation styles
  • archiving research data
  • data visualisation
  • submitting documents to preprint/ postprint archives
  • depositing documents in our digital repository (Gyan Pravah) or third party repositories 
  • making research findable/ sharing your research online
  • communicating research in informal publication channels
  • using/creating researcher profiles
  • using copyright/ public domain material
  • citation metrics 
  • using altmetrics
  • societal impact services
  • complaints and appeals
  • retractions
  • peer review process/ review comments handling/ management
  • whitelists/ blacklists of journals, etc.

We have been receiving a great response from our researchers for our publishing services. So please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance. 

For queries, please do contact us on: (with a subject line: “Publishing Services”)