Peer Assisted Study

Peer assisted study is popular in some domains. It provides students with the opportunity to seek educational support from other students.

It is a chance to ask questions, get feedback and learn from others who are seniors or who have very recently completed their studies/ research in the same or courses. The main purpose of such approach is to build mutual learning opportunity and also encourage discussions/ dialogues.

Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) and Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) are highly effective in learning, networking and mutual growth.

Our PASS/ PAL volunteers

Students/ researchers belonging to the following Departments/ Schools, may please contact our volunteers for peer assisted learning:

  • Mr. Neeraj Medharthi (PhD Scholar, Dept. of Yoga) –
  • Ms. Swechha Malik (PhD Scholar, Dept. of Law) –
  • Mr. Bashir Ahmad Khan (PhD Scholar, School of Education) –
  • Mr. Mayank Kumar (Alumni, MCA, Dept. of Computer Science & Information Technology) –
  • Ms. Shreya Mishra (Alumni, MLISc, Dept. of Library & Information Science) –

We would love to add more volunteers. Please do write to us. For queries, please write to (with a subject line: “Peer Assisted Study”)

Courtesy: University of Leeds, Library