Our Team

Dr. Santosh C. Hulagabali

  • Designation: University Librarian 
  • Qualification: PhD in Library & Information Science (University of Mumbai), M.L.I.Sc. (Gold Medalist), MA Mass Communication & Journalism, UGC-NET (2004)
  • librarian@cuh.ac.in

Dr. Rajeev Vashistha

  • Designation: Deputy Librarian
  • Qualification: MBA, MLISc, PhD
  • Section: Collection development; user services, human resource, etc.
  • deputylibrarian@cuh.ac.in

Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh

  • Designation: Assistant Librarian
  • Qualification: PGDCA (GJUS&T), PGDLAN (PU), Ph.D. in LIS (DU), M.Phil in LIS (DU), MLISc (BHU), BLISc (IGNOU), UGC-JRF in LIS (2006), UGC-NET in LIS (2005)
  • Section: Print Resources, ILL; LMS; Human resource, etc.
  • vikusi@cuh.ac.in

Naresh Kumar

  • Designation: Assistant Librarian
  • Qualification: PhD (Pursuing), M.Phil. (DU), International Master in Digital Library Learning DILL (Oslo University College, Norway, Parma Univ., Italy, Tallinn Univ., Estonia), MLISc (IGNOU) and B.Sc. (MG Univ., Kerala), UGC- JRF/NET (Lib. & Inf. Sc.), Erasmus Fellow, CERN Fellow & RDA Fellow.
  • Section: E-resources; Human resource; Departmental Libraries, etc.
  • nareshkumar@cuh.ac.in

Dr. Vinita Malik

  • Designation: Information Scientist
  • Qualification: Postdoctoral Fellow, Fortaleza , Brazil, PhD (D.C.R.U.S.T.); M.E. (BITS); CBSE-NET, GATE.
  • Section: IT Infrastructure, Institutional repository; NDL; ShodhGanga; Library Website, LMS, etc.
  • is@cuh.ac.in

Vijender Singh

  • Professional Assistant
  • Qualification: BLISc (Barkatullah Univ.), M.Sc Geography (KU)
  • Section: Cataloguing and Classification
  • Email ID: s.vijender@cuh.ac.in 

Sushil Kumar Gupta

  • Designation: Semi-Professional Assistant
  • Qualification: MLISc. (Lucknow University), BLISc. (LucknowUniversity), B.A. (DDU, University)
  • Section: Periodical section, Digital library
  • Email ID: sushilkumar@cuh.ac.in

Davender Kumar

  • Designation: Semi-Professional Assistant 
  • Qualification:B.A.BLISc
  • Section: Reader services & managing circulation desk
  • Email ID: davender@cuh.ac.in 

Roshani Yadav

  • Library Assistant
  • Qualification: MLISc. (VMOU, Kota), BLISc. (MDU), B.A.(Govt. College of Woman) PGDCA (Pursuing from VMOU)
  • Section: Circulation Desk
  • Email ID: roshaniyadav@cuh.ac.in 

Archana Mittal (on leave)

  • Designation: LDC 
  • Qualification: BTech
  • Section: Accessioning, Cataloging, Periodicals & Clerical Work
  • Email ID: archana@cuh.ac.in 

Prashant Kumar Dubey

  • Designation: Library Attendant
  • Qualification: (GGU, Bilaspur), BLISc. (Dr. H.S, Gour, Sagar), B.Com. (Dr. H.S, Gour), PGDCA (MCU)
  • Section: Accessioning, Cataloging, Digital Library & Circulation
  • Email ID: pkdubey@cuh.ac.in

Mitthu Lal

  • Designation: Library Attendant
  • Qualification: (VMOU, Kota), BLISc. (VMOU, Kota), B.A. (MDSU, Ajmer), DOAP (RGCSM, Ajmer), RSCIT (VMOU, Kota)
  • Section: Accessioning, Cataloging, Periodicals & Clerical Work
  • Email ID: mitthu@cuh.ac.in 

Samundra Singh

  • Designation: Library Attendant (Contractual) 
  • Qualification: BA (Tajasthan Uni.), BLISc 
  • Section: Accessioning, Cataloging, Periodicals & Clerical Work
  • Email ID: samundra@cuh.ac.in