1. Library is open for all bonafide students and faculty of the University only.
  2. Memberships are created automatically when students take admission in the University. So students/faculty need not fill up any form for Library membership.
  3. Central Library is open for all students, researchers and faculty members of any Department/ Course. Whereas School libraries such as School of Law Library, Swami Dayanand Saraswati Chair Library, School of Education Library, School of Engineering and Technology Library are allowed only for the students, researchers and faculty of the said Schools.
  4. Access to reading room/ Library for a specified/short duration for outsiders is subject to approval of the competent authority.
  5. Access to reading room/ Library for a specified/ short duration for alumni/ ex-employees may be permitted and is subject to approval of the competent authority.


  1. Identity card is a must to enter the Library.
  2. Cooperation is expected when Security Guard demands and checks your identity card.
  3. Baggages are to be kept in the designated baggage counters before entering the Library.
  4. Marking in the book in any form and for any reason is now allowed.
  5. Documents taken out of the shelves must be left on the table/ trolley.
  6. Eatables are not allowed in the Library.
  7. Maintaining silence in the library premises is the utmost responsibility of the students.
  8. We encourage discussions but not in the Library premises as it may disturb other readers.
  9. Mobiles are not allowed in the stack room and reading rooms.
  10. No entry for students other than researchers and faculty members in ‘Research Scholars’ Reading Room (Academic Block-IV, 2nd Floor).
  11. Entering names in the register at the entrance of the Library is mandatory.

Overdue charges

  1. Overdue charges: Rs. 2 per day per book.
  2. While borrowing ensure the return date/ due date.
  3. While of borrowing check with the Circulation Desk staff how many books are borrowed so far, what are to be returned/renewed, due date, etc.
  4. Books having overdue charges can’t be renewed.
  5. Overdue charges are not negotiable. However, in a rare care case/situation, if sufficient proof/justification is made in writing, and the matter is found satisfactory, overdue fine may be reconsidered.
  6. No dues certificate is issued only to those students who have returned the books and cleared Library dues.

Entitlements and loan period

  • Faculty: 10 books for 180 days
  • PhD students: 6 books for 30 days
  • PG/UG students: 4 books for 15 days

Issue/ Return

  1. Books may be checked on our Library’s catalogue to know the availability (for borrowing/reference).
  2. Books are not issued to any student / classmate on any one’s behalf provided necessary authorisation is produced in writing.
  3. Anyone can return a book borrowed by a classmate/ student. No authorisation letter is required in this case.
  4. Borrowed book may not be renewed due to unavailability of sufficient copies in the Library or demand for the same book by any student.
  5. Books/ periodicals may be temporarily issued for photocopying/ reference only.
  6. Reference books are issued only for referring within the Library premises.


  1. Circulation Desk: 09:30 am to 05:00 pm (Monday to Friday, except on any important national holidays)
  2. Reading Room: 08:00 am to 10:00 pm (all days except on any important national holidays)
  3. Click here for the detailed list of timing of Central Library and School of Study libraries of CUH
  4. Note: Ensure the timing of the Library well in advance as the Library timing is changed sometime depending upon the examination schedule, opening of University, etc.

Library Access to Visitors/Outsiders

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