Value Added Courses

Our Library offers the following three credit-based courses for the PG students of different Departments of our University. The course curriculum is structured keeping in view of the relevant guidelines and principles of UGC. Moreover, many guiding principles enumerated in NEP 2020 are included while designing the Courses. Moreover, the course help the learners to have an ample scope to interact with the learners of interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary background.

1. Open Access Publishing

This course aims to orient the students about publishing avenues in open access journals, ethical publishing practices, identifying the right publisher/ journal, importance using open licenses, etc. It is necessary know the growing trends and developments in scholarly communication, publishing industry, changing publishing models, platforms and tools, access modes of research publications, etc. It is therefore a dedicated academic programme for the focused-teaching and training exclusively on open access publishing is introduced.  This course helps students prefer open access publishing practices not only to spread the research results to as many as possible but also help the institute and researcher to get greater visibility, scholarly engagements, potential collaborations and scope for innovations and inventions.

  • Course Code: CL0204VGE2002
  • No. of Credits/ hours: 02 of 30 qualifying hours
  • Seats: 60
  • Students: PG II Sem students of any Department of CUH
  • Course Coordinator: Dr. Santosh C H, University Librarian, Central Library (
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2. Omnidirectional Peace Maintenance for Stress and Conflict Management

This Course holds immense importance to build a wiser and stress-free individual. The successful implementation of big ideas requires peace management by avoiding the negative consequences of stress and conflicts. It not only strengthens the bond amongst the organizational employees but also plays pivotal role in personal lives.

  • Course Code: CL0303VGE2002
  • No. of Credits/ hours: 02/ 30 hours
  • Seats: 60
  • Students: PG III Sem students of any Department of CUH
  • Course Coordinator: Dr. Vinita Malik, Information Scientist, Central Library (

3. Personality and Professional Development

The course aims to prepare our students job-ready by enhancing skills other than academics. It includes activities and assignments to learn about writing good resume, making video resumes to upkeep yourself with latest recruitment
scenarios. The main focus of the course would be presentation skills, group discussion skills, role of body language and the Interview skills. Skills to manage emotions and control fear in difficult situations shall be taught. An overview of professional content writing particularly e-mail writing, minutes of meeting shall be provided in this course.

  • Course Code: CL0402VGE2002
  • No. of Credits/ hours: 02/ 30 hours
  • Seats: 50
  • Students: PG IV Sem students of any Department of CUH
  • Course Coordinator: Mr. Naresh Kumar, Assistant Librarian, Central Library (