Teaching & Training

Our Library team aims to be a knowledge partner in the research/academic journey of our researchers/students as we are actively engaged in teaching, training and research support related activities. We have got tremendous demand and appreciation for such activities.

We undertake teaching and training activities under the following five broad forms:

a) Training on demand, where a group of students expresses to have a training on any matter/issues concerning the services/ resources or concepts we have portrayed on this website.

b) Lecture series, where we invite experts to deliver talks on pertinent topics.

c) Workshops: We organise workshops for half-day, full-day and some specific days on a pertinent theme/ concept 4-5 times in an academic year. For instance, in December 2021, we organised 3-day workshop on “Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security” for the students/ researchers of IT/Engineering/ Computer Science.

d) Courses: We conduct three Courses which may be of interest to you.

e) General: The basic trainings such as induction, orientation and demonstrations are part of general events which are organised periodically or on a specific occasion or period.

Research scholars/ students may please contact us to discuss with us on any of the following aspects or request for training programme either one to one or training on demand.

  • library resources (databases/software)
  • data search
  • search techniques
  • accessing scholarly resources
  • evaluating resources
  • synthesis of resources
  • literature review
  • reviewing techniques
  • report writing
  • paper writing
  • plagiarism verification
  • presentations
  • citation tools
  • bibliographies
  • content alerts, etc.

For any queries, please write to: library@cuh.ac.in or meet the Library staff personally. We would love to assist you.